Sticky: Comics list, links included

Listing comics on this LJ, including links to respective first pages.
This list will be updated as more things will be added.

Raven Town 56 pages, complete story. Story starts here.

About This Way Sequel to Raven Town but can be read independently. In progress.
Character introductions here. Story starts here

New Winds Twelve-page story, first part posted here. Fits chronologically within the timeframe of "About This Way" (after page 21), but can be read independently, and can also be skipped independently.

New Winds, 3/4

This one, and the subsequent conclusion, were delayed for a long long time, largely because translating made-up song lyrics which have to fit a pre-existing real (and very famous) melody can be quite tricky.

Continued from Part Two. This short story started here.

As always, nitpicks about my English, leftover Swedish I might have missed *^_^*, or anything else are very welcome!

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selhai hey wait

New Winds, 1/4

Here's the first quarter of a 12-page story that's not part of "About This Way" proper but chronologically fits right into it.

This is where we see the capital city for the first time. As always, let me know if the English sounds weird. (I'm angling for a more British feel than American if I have to choose, but not too much of that either.)

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Continued in part two.

Christmas pic

For no particular reason I feel like posting an old Christmas pic. Maybe I will add others.

Collapse )To be honest, this is one of those pictures that sometimes make me wince, but othertimes make me feel, "Well, I may still have problems with proportion and anatomy and everything, but at least I'm not this bad anymore!" :D